Here I list a sampling of projects completed while working towards a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree at ASU.

SoDA: ASU Software Developers Association

As president of SoDA, a group of people at Arizona State University who are interested in programming or software engineering, I organized tech talks on real-world software development. (See also: SoDA @ Fulton or the SoDA website as I first created it.)

Displaying query results from error-prone databases

I haven’t put this user interface (UI) design project online or described it yet, but you may view the final proof of concept here.

MIPS Code Assembler & Simulator

Completed during CSE 230, my online MIPS machine code assembler and the corresponding MIPS machine simulator were fun exercises in PHP as well as assembly language and low-level computer design studies.

Graph Theory: Finding Hamiltonian Circuits

Done as an honors project for MAT 243 Discrete Mathematics, this C++ project uses the Boost library to quickly locate a Hamiltonian circuit in a graph. (In graph theory, a Hamiltonian circuit is a path that starts at one vertex, travels to every other vertex, and then returns.) The graph must, however, consist of vertices each of order (degree; number of edges) of at least n where n is the number of vertices in the graph. The algorithm’s explanation and source code are on Hamiltonian circuit locator page.

Calculus III and 3D Graphics

This quick honors project was done for MAT 267 Calculus for Engineers. It is a model of 3D projections upon a screen.