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Especial thanks for reading this short copyrights document!

Overall copyright and license

As a whole, the HoganSystem CMS is copyright Alan Hogan 2005-2008. It may not be redistributed in any form without permission from Alan, which may not as hard to obtain as you may imagine.

Because of this, if you obtained this CMS from anywhere other than AlanHogan.com, you should contact Alan at https://alanhogan.com/contact.

Included libraries and derived works

This is a complex piece of software and as such includes the work of other individuals. Their work is included with their kind permission and remains their respected copyright. This includes the following, whose full copyrights appear in the copyrights directory of this distribution:

PHP Markdown & Extra

Copyright (c) 2004-2007 Michel Fortin
All rights reserved.

Based on Markdown
Copyright (c) 2003-2006 John Gruber
All rights reserved.

PHP SmartyPants Typograher

by Michel Fortin http://www.michelf.com/

Original SmartyPants by John Gruber