Verizon Wireless Cell Contacts Exporter

Mobile Address Book: Export CSV and vCard

Switching carriers? Verizon Wireless doesn't use SIM cards (which, I understand, contain your address book), and customer service flat-out told me there is no way to download my contacts as vCards to my computer.  (Note that you may be able to use Bluetooth to do so for one contact at a time, or use BitPim and sync cable to export all of them – but that supports only some models and the cable costs money.) Now you can migrate your address book to AT&T or anyone else.

I figured out a solution, though.

  1. Turn on the free wireless contacts backup service, if you haven't. I posted directions for how to do so a while ago.  You cannot skip this step.
  2. Go to
  3. Sign in to “My Verizon.” Go to your My Verizon “Overview.”
  4. Go to “Customer Service.”
  5. Under “Cell Phone Support,” click on “Back Up My Contacts.”
  6. If you see a form (some do, some don’t), enter your information.
  7. You should now see a page with 10 of your contacts.  (We are going to back them all up, though, not just this first page.)
  8. Important: Click “Print Address Book.” Do not actually let your contacts print (unless you want to). Instead, save that page (as HTML, with File • Save) to your computer, for safekeeping, and then view the source code. Copy this source code onto your clipboard. (Usually you can view source code with View • Source or Ctrl-U; Cmd-U on the Mac). I would have you upload a file but I getting that to work took too long. Sorry.
  9. Last step! Now just paste that HTML source here and I’ll use my magical regex powers to create CSV or vCard format portable contacts for you!

  10. Import your new contacts into your address book, Gmail or other email program, or whatever!

Project completed on March 23, 2009. I am more than happy to share the source code.