Hello, SF!

I’m pleased to announce that I have moved to San Francisco, California; from Phoenix, where I spent the last five and a half years.

I’ve been here before. Most recently, for Startup School (in association with Y Combinator and Bases) and related events — technically in Mountain View, Stanford, and Palo Alto. Before that, Sean and myself went to Pitch and Disrupt SF to network and show off Blogic, and I had the pleasure of attending a Designers and Geeks event at Square. And my very first SF visits were with the Simperium guys, whom I thank for that opportunity.

I drove here late last week in a “comically large” Budget truck that broke down 30 miles before Coachella, and have spent the last week crashing with friends, whom I thank for their generosity.

I have joined the iDoneThis team doing contracted front-end web development. It’s always great to get to work on a tool that I had actually used and enjoyed beforehand (as it was with Simplenote).

I’m loving the city so far, aside from the challenge of finding a good place to live — and even that is kind of fun, really. Maddening, but interesting. (Let me know if you have a room or studio to fill.)

I’m very excited to be in a city full of friends both old and new. I look forward to meeting more of the designer & developer community, as much as I’ll miss my Phoenician friends (and Pennsylvanian pals, for that matter).

Hope to see you around.

December 10th, 2011
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