My Other Websites

Check these out.

Is It One Word?
A quick reference for phrases which are commonly misspelled as one word (and, more rarely, vice-versa).

A plain website promoting the month of December as a time to write the documentation we were too busy to write earlier. It’s Deliberately-Decide-to-Document Month. Spread the word!

It Didn’t Work
Learn how to effectively report a problem or ask for help. (This single-serving website is great to send to people who want to be helped, but aren’t giving you enough information to work with!)

Well Fucking Said
An infrequently updated collection of exceptionally well-put observations.

Thoughts on words, their meanings, and how they ought to be used. Yes, I have prescriptivist tendencies.

Lessn More
Project home page for my fork of a URL shortener.

Plus, Minus, Interesting
A half-baked single-page app for exploring the pros, cons, and just plain interesting aspects of something. It's a decision-making tool.
A museum of defunct websites I previously created. Think of it as an extension of this list that reaches further back in time.