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To run HS-CMS, you need the following:

  • PHP 5.2 or newer

    • Because HS-CMS supports Unicode, your PHP installation must include the mbstring extension.

      mbstring is a non-default extension. This means it is not enabled by default. You must explicitly
      enable the module with the configure option. See the Install section for details.

      The following configure options are related to the mbstring module.

      --enable-mbstring: Enable mbstring functions. This option is required to use mbstring functions.

  • A database, like MySQL 5 or Postgres, which supports Unicode strings

    • Note that HS-CMS can co-exist with other systems in the same database, because it supports prefixes for the table names it uses. No sweat!
  • A UNIX-like system such as Linux or Mac OS X (recommended)

  • Apache with mod_rewrite (recommended)

HS-CMS is designed to be fairly platform-independent but not tested on Windows. If you would like to help with this, contact Alan.