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HS-CMS Tools

The following is a list of currently planned and completed tools for HoganSystem CMS administration.

Planned Tools

  1. Page editor (see roadmap)
  2. Pages table validator (e.g. checks if all files exist, except for aliases & representatives)
  3. Alias & URL swapper (intelligent: No visitors lost)
  4. Content (file) reorganizer

    This tool ensures proper/common file extensions, optionally renames folders to match the structure of your website, e.g. in directories

  5. Markdown-to-page tool

    Extracts page title and content

  6. HTML-to-page tool

    Also extracts page title and content, and other data if available (summary, author, etc.)

  7. Representative Importer

    Looks for

  8. General page import/export tool

  9. Self-updating tool

    Updates all core HS-CMS files and documentation, with your permission, and makes a backup first.

  10. Darkboom-based image uploading & inclusion tool

  11. .htaccess writer

    Automatically protects sensitive directories and maps calls to example.com/css/, example.com/files/, example.com/images/, and example.com/js/ to the proper directories in each site using Apache's mod_rewrite.

  12. Site to Subdirectory and reverse

    This tool can take the content of a site, such as software.example.com, and convert it to be part of your main Example.com site, as a subdirectory... URLs would go from software.example.com/myproduct to example.com/software/myproduct. The opposite conversion is also supported.

  13. Add/remove module

    Intelligently handles hooks. Edits sites/x/events/y.event.php where x is the site and y is every event which the module in question uses as a hook.

Completed Tools

  1. Drupal-nodes-to-pages tool

    A Godsend for those trying to get rid of Drupal

  2. "Clear Entire Cache"

    Should be quite unnecessary since admin operations raise events which cause the cache to expire, but just in case, this simple tool deletes the entire cache.

    I suppose a useful time for it is when manually editing any files -- such as the core library, a render engine, or