Github Issue Linker

The plugin and what I use it for.

The Plugin

GitHub Bug Linker is a simple Wordpress plugin that looks for numbers with pound signs in front of them and links them to issues in your GitHub repository.

There is a lot of room for improvement:

  • Doesn't acknowledge other syntaxes for linking to issues that GitHub supports (like repo/#1).
  • Doesn't ignore numbers in <code> or <pre> blocks (straight regexp find/replace).
  • Would be fantastic if it used the GitHub API to check the status of linked issues and cross off closed issues.

This plugin is based on EHT Mantis and is released under the LGPL.

Download GitHub Issue Linker from its Wordpress Plugin page.

Killer App: Dev team wiki/documentation

I have paired this plugin with a few other Wordpress plugins to create a darned good (programming) project documentation system:

  • Members Only to keep anyone but team members from seeing documentation1
  • Markdown for Wordpress and bbPress because
    • it disables Wordpress's annoying over-processing of content and
    • it allows us to use Markdown, my favorite quick markup/wiki syntax (also used on GitHub for everything but their wiki)
  • Email Users so team members can alert others to new and updated pages
  • WP to Twitter to populate our private, internal Twitter feed with new and updated documents
  • highlight.js to automatically highlight any <code> pasted into the content
  • One of the "Link to Post" plugins to make linking to other doc pages simple

It's a pretty great system, in my opinion.

  1. Yes, Wordpress allows individual pages to be marked as private, but then they don’t show up in the nav, and neglect could expose sensitive information. ↩︎

September 6th, 2009
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