iTunes Plus Tips

You may know about iTunes Plus, which is that you can buy songs for $1.29 but at twice the bitrate and with no DRM (you can send it to friends and family, play it in Winamp or your non-iPod music player, convert to MP3, or anything you want!).

... But did you know?

  1. Buying a whole album in Plus format is normally STILL ONLY $9.99!
  2. If you go to the iTunes Store, click iTunes Plus, and look for “Upgrade My Library”, it will let you upgrade your previously purchased music (if it's now available as iTunes Plus) for only 30¢ a song (and less for most albums)!
  3. Not all iTunes music is available in Plus. It depends on the record label.
  4. To make Plus your default format, go to the Store, click Account, and go to Manage iTunes Plus!
  5. You need version 7.2 or later of iTunes to buy Plus music. [Get the latest version of iTunes]

Yeah, I really like iTunes Plus. I definitely purchase much more music from iTunes than I would otherwise.

July 21st, 2007. (Updated: July 21, 2007 at 10:06pm.)
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