MacBook Pro: Installing RAM

Update (Aug. 2016): This page is ancient. Consult a more recent guide.

If you are going to upgrade your MacBook Pro's memory, here are my tips. It is really not hard at all if you follow them!

  1. Go ahead and buy RAM from someone other than Apple, but make sure it is compatible.
  2. Go ahead and install it yourself; it’s easy.
  3. Follow your MacBook's printed documentation, not online instructions! For exapmle, iFixit tells you to unscrew things that really shouldn't be unscrewed (like your hinges!).
  4. Push the little suckers in firmly!
  5. If you try to turn on your computer after finishing and it just flashes the status light instead, you could have bad RAM – but more likely, you didn’t push the RAM in far enough. Try again.


(When this tip was originally posted, I also noted, “Apple has recalled some MacBook Pro batteries. See their site for details. Replacing the battery is easy, fast, and free.”)

August 4th, 2006. (Updated: December 16, 2007 at 11:24pm.)
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