About Alan Hogan

I live in San Francisco, where I do user interface & front-end development work.

I love crafting exceptional user experiences (UX). I have been doing web development for over a decade; more recently, I have focused on the front end.

I’ve been a Mac user ever since I got my first computer, and love the attention to detail and user experience that Apple has long embodied (bugs that make me want to defenestrate my laptop notwithstanding).

If you want to write me, please use my contact form. I’d love to hear from you.

Past Work

I currently work at NoRedInk, improving grammar education for both students and teachers.

At IFTTT I applied responsive web design to make the entire ifttt.com domain mobile-friendly. I also developed the intra-app API and web technology for a hybrid (web-and-native) iOS app.

Previously, I spent some time contracting with Simperium, makers of the excellent Simplenote. Later, I contracted with iDoneThis.

In 2011, I co-founded Blogic, where I did lots of product design & development; it was acquired by Jobing.com.

About My Website

I made this website to share tips, tricks, opinions, code, programs, and more.

This website is running my own CMS, which you don’t want to use (trust me).