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HoganSystem CMS Roadmap

What to expect in the future

  • Content editor
    • Edit actual content
    • Edit metadata like title, description, tags, author
      • On multiple pages at a time, if desired
      • Could override theme for pages LIKE foo/%
    • Switch page type
    • Switch markup format
    • Allow override of robot_friendly, caching, comments, …
    • Automatic saving while editing
    • Content import/export format & tool
  • Reversion tools
  • Other tools
  • Super-smooth lists
  • RSS feeds
  • Modules
    • Add/remove module tool which intelligently handles hooks (edits sites/x/events/y.event.php)
    • Hooks (events).
  • Aggressive caching
  • Editors always trigger smart cache deletion
  • Smart, smart URL matching using PHP’s similar_text() and/or levenshtein()
  • No errors reported but rather 100% errors and warnings are logged by month

    Expect to see files like hscms/logs/2007-12.log

  • Internationalization support (limited at first)

  • Message constants support
  • PEAR library usage
    • MDB2 Database Abstraction
    • Cache_lite caching
    • LiveUser generic user stuff
    • PHP_CodeSniffer validation of HoganSystem code AND “php” pages.