A very sparse (and outdated) list of programming projects. My GitHub page probably shows more recent work.

Programming projects

  • I wrote an online test to see if third-party cookies are enabled and it's very popular thanks to the StackOverflow question it answered.
  • Worked with NoRedInk to improve grammar education.
  • Responsive web design and implementation for (as part of the IFTTT team, of course; this project was my suggestion and mostly my responsibility). Announcement
  • Wrote the API between the native iOS code and web technology for the Apple-design-award-winning IFTTT iPhone app, and implemented and the JavaScript side.
  • Contracted with iDoneThis, a Python-based web app to help keep people motived
  • Co-creator of Blogic, an easy way to generate a blog theme from your existing web design
  • Early 2011 weekend project (unfinished):
  • Maintained the Simplenote web app
  • Verizon Wireless cell contact exporter. Now obsolete. It helped people who were leaving Verizon but could not export their address books, which included me when I switched to the iPhone (back when it was exclusive to AT&T).
  • PhotoSwapr (not currently available), for Windows XP (not Vista) computers, rotates desktop photos automatically and even has a slideshow mode. Not exactly user-friendly for anyone afraid of editing just a bit of code, though.
  • HS-CMS, a flexible cache-friendly minimal content management system (incomplete, but powers this site).
  • CustomTimer, a Windows countdown timer accepting natural language input (old).
  • Wordpress GitHub Issue Linker, a tiny Wordpress plugin.
  • Some projects completed at ASU including a popular online MIPS assembler and simulator.